I identify and solve problems.

Hobbyist programmer from 1998, Computing and Information Technology degree from University of Surrey in 2004, worked at Surrey Business IT from 2005 - 2015, developing websites and software. Created cloud infrastructures for client and internal use, utilising High Availability and scaling on both Rackspace and Amazon clouds. Languages used include PHP, C#, JavaScript, VBScript (ASP). Highly proficient in CSS and HTML, converting designs from images to web ready. Designed and built templating system for Classic ASP which powers Dixcart CMS. Strict development practices including coding style, version control systems (Git and SVN) and deployment scenarios, preferring a continuous integration form of development. Installation and configuration of all IIS versions from 6 to 8 and their underlying OS. Working with MS AD based networks including DFRS, Citrix, RDS, DNS, DHCP etc. Linux administration including configuration of Heartbeat, Pacemaker and HAProxy to provide high availability load balancing. Telephone systems management of SpliceCom Maximiser system across 8 sites, with the creation of a cloud based offering of SpliceCom.

Currently working as Development Manager for DutySheet Limited creating software to support volunteer organisations of all sizes.


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Member of The Internet Defense League