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August 11, 2007


Well we finished watching Heroes last night.  I was told that Sylar was badly cast and that the end would dissapoint.  Neither of these were true, I felt satisfied with the conclusion but still hungering for season 2.

When it came out in the states I was sceptical of the hype, believing it to be another overrated series like 24 or Lost, I was wrong... very, very wrong!

It's been an amazing season and a truly gripping story line, so if you haben't been watching it, get out there and find it!  If you have been following on the BBC then you have some real treats in store for you over the coming weeks/months.

The DVD is out in the states on August 28th, so if you have a multi-region player, grab a copy and be ahead of your friends.  If you're following it on the BBC then you have some real treats in store and it's well worth making sure you catch it every week.

I just wish everyone would hurry up and watch it so I can talk about what I think is to come in Season 2!