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September 19, 2007

Aiden vid up

The first Aiden vid, 'One Love', that I mixed the sound for is up on PRV, it's the second one i've done for them ('Die Romantic' in Portsmouth bing the first) and should have 2 follow ups ('Teenage Queen' and 'Die Romantic' again).

It was recorded in the Camden Barfly direct off the FOH desk, which meant it was post eq and post insert, which makes it fun!  Also the venue only had 1 spare mic cable so were unable to mic up the overheads or provide any ambient mics.  Seems rather odd to me that a venue would have so little of something as important as mic cables... ah well, guess I was always spoiled at USSU!  It was all recorded to an Alesis HD24 then ripped off that and mixed down on PC.

Here's the link, there should be a download coming soon, but it's a bloody mp4 cos those kids love their iPods!


Hopefully the others should appear very soon....