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December 7, 2007

Oh to be around then..

Some may already have known this, others may not, but Led Zeppelin played their first gig at Surrey University's main hall.  There's a plaque there now and everything (ask me some time about trying to costruct a plaque-revealing-curtain-thing out of a mic stand because the university had lost theirs), but nice to see it on the official site and some press clippings too.

If only any of my "first big dance of the new term" had bands like that.  Never mind, we had B*witched.....

We always used to get bands on the way up and then they came back when they were on their way down.  Who knows, Led Zeppelin may want to play their last ever gig at the place they played their first ever gig.  That would be something pretty special.

December 5, 2007

From: Chase me ladies, I'm in the cavalry


Fellas, have you ever tried to put your bollocks into a marmite jar? It's a simple matter to get them in, but you cannot get them out again. I don't understand the science behind it.

Try it during your tea break. It really works!

So how do you get them out? Or must they remain there until the crack of doom?

Simple. You give a hammer to a passer-by and invite him to take a swing. And -hey presto!- liberated plums.

They pay me to solve problems"


Original is all it's glory:

I suggest you all subscribe to this guy's blog, it's brilliant.

Christmas wishlist #2: Gibson Robot Guitar


A self tuning Les Paul? Yes please!

I know you want to spend $2,499 on me.  Anyway, that's only about 2p with the current exchange rate and I'll even let you watch it self tune. Once. Then you will have to leave. And don't open door once i've shut it.

December 3, 2007

I only went and broke it!

In my self belief that all websites are my subjugates, I managed to break my first Movabletype installation.  More so than that, it took out the server for a good 10 minutes every time i published my site.  General web concensus when this happens is it's the author's fault for having some kind of loop in the templates.  This is more than likely true as i could copy  my entries into a new blog and have it publish no problem.

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