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December 3, 2007

I only went and broke it!

In my self belief that all websites are my subjugates, I managed to break my first Movabletype installation.  More so than that, it took out the server for a good 10 minutes every time i published my site.  General web concensus when this happens is it's the author's fault for having some kind of loop in the templates.  This is more than likely true as i could copy  my entries into a new blog and have it publish no problem.

Anyway, got some interesting projects on at the moment and I'll write about them later, but to summarise, I'm building a little Flickr app that was originally just designed for me, but I wanted to play with the multi-user stuff so ended up designing it for anyone to use.  Got the core down, but still a fairly long way to go!  Also I'm currently mixing four bands from a "Never Say Die" tour show at the Camden Electric BallroomComeback Kid will be the first one released and there should be a video up soon.  Finally there is a potential that some of the Aiden stuff I recorded will be going onto a special edition b-side, so i'll keep an eye out for that and post up a link when it's around.