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January 23, 2008

Aiden songs now available on iTunes!

Two songs from the Aiden set I recorded at the Camden Barfly in August last year are available now to buy on iTunes as part of the "Moment" EP.   This is very exciting for me as it's the first general release work I've got, although I am dissapointed it's only available on line (and through crappy iTunes), it's still out there for anyone to get their hands on!  Apparently, it is also Kerrang's "Download of the week", but I cannot confirm this and I'm sure as hell not buying a copy to find out!

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January 22, 2008

My dirty little secret

Ok, it's not that much of a secret and it's not really that dirty, but talk to anyone about this kind of thing and you always get a weird, if not condescending, look.

Star Trek XI is a difficult subject for me, after the horror that was "Enterprise", I kind of hoped they'd leave it alone.  That said, the films remained good up the end, and Nemesis was stonking.  There is the interesting choice of Simon Pegg as Scotty, Silar as Spock and some guy called Chris Pine as Kirk with JJ Abrams with directing duties.  On paper that could be a good combo, JJ has a knack for sci-fi with grit and his touch could be what the series needs to reinvigorate it.  That said, I'm not too keen on all this jumping forward and backwards in the timeline, the only time that's ever been done well was in DS9 where they went back to the original series' Klingons, who were in essence just dirty humans with long hair and a bad attitude.  Worf's comment of "we don't talk about it" was a brilliant way of hiding the disparity that special effect technology had caused.

Anyway, there is a trailer and it makes me very excited!

Nice tease!

January 21, 2008

Remembering the Commodore SX-64

The Register continues (ressurrects?) their "This Old Box" series with the world's first full colour 'portable' computer, the Commodore SX-64.  How a 10.5kg box with a 5" screen that needs to be plugged into a wall is "portable" is left up to you to decide.


I particularly like the comparison with the MacBook Air.

January 11, 2008

Bloke finds missus working in brothel


Try and picture the awkwardness of this situation:

Husband: "Oh my God, I can't believe you work in a brothel"
Wife: "Honey, I can explain it's not like it .... hold on.... what are you doing here?"
Husband: "Er... I thought it was a newsagents"
Other Prostitute: "Hi Ron, the usual?"

At least the divorce lawyers will do well out of it.