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April 11, 2008

*Shock News*! Guildford Borough Council are money grabbing bastards

The images below are all three pages of a letter that was sent to us recently from the wonderful Guildford Borough Council.  For those that cannot be bothered to read the whole thing, the primary focus of the letter is suggesting that residents have asked to have their roads restricted on Sundays as well as Monday - Friday.  Since GBC introduced its controlled parking zone, it has become nearly impossible to have a guest for the weekend without giving GBC money.  At least they could come over on a Sunday, but not if these plans come into force.  What's worse is that even if you do get yourselft or your guest a permit, there is very little chance of you finding a space should you for some reason decide to take your car out for the day (I guess it's our own fault for having jobs).  There is a woefully small number of spaces in all the residential roads of Guildford, especially as you get nearer the centre and none of the houses have driveways.  Take our road for example, there are 20 odd houses and 7 residents' bays, with a further 7 bays for anyone to park up to 2 hours.  These temporary bays happen to be right next to a pub, so you can guarantee they'll be full most of the time, leaving just the 7 residents bays for the whole street.  So where exactly do I put my car on a Sunday, when the single yellows are also restricted?

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April 9, 2008

Olympics Protest - News Round-Up

FlyingRodent collates all the news stories surrounding the Olympic protests, with some facts I can guarantee you didn't know.

"Hello, Is There Anybody There?" - Burma

Rangoon, Burma -
Confusion reigned in Rangoon yesterday as the Burmese people began to ask where all that international attention had gone. "Uh, hello? Is anybody there?" asked the Burmese population, whose struggle for basic human rights and freedom of speech was briefly yet ecstatically popular in Britain just a few months ago. "Uh, we're still here," they said, collectively.