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June 23, 2008

Greatest Games of all time my arse

Pop over to Game's website and have a look at their top 100 "greatest games of all time" list... go on... I'll wait here...


How many times did you say "what's that doing in there?".. I bet it was an awful lot!

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June 13, 2008

From There To Here - A Guide To Self-Loathing In Three Easy Steps

Once again, FlyingRodent calls it like it is...

"It's clear now that the Labour government's approach to almost all issues has been precisely the same, whether it's benefit fraud or antisocial behaviour, terrorism or smoking in public places... Matters trifling, middling or massive, the response was identical. Just point out some bastards who everyone can agree are getting up to no good and taking the piss, frame it in the nastiest way possible to get us on board, then pass some wildly disproportionate legislation granting themselves executive power to do whatever they like."

June 9, 2008


I was recently asked if Skype was allowed in our corporate network...again.  Seemingly there is something in the handbook that states; "All employees must ask at least once a month if Skype is allowed".

Obviously my answer was "no", but when asked why, I thought a picture would explain better than any words could.

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June 6, 2008

'MediaDefender' shoot themselves in the foot

For those that don't know, "MediaDefender" is a company set up to 'protect' copyright holders from illegal file sharing, which they don't do by contacting people but by severe attacks on servers and ISPs they deem as breaching copyright.  A few weeks ago they managed to heavily attack and bring down a perfectly legitimate BitTorrent tracker and the business that surrounded it.

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