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June 6, 2008

'MediaDefender' shoot themselves in the foot

For those that don't know, "MediaDefender" is a company set up to 'protect' copyright holders from illegal file sharing, which they don't do by contacting people but by severe attacks on servers and ISPs they deem as breaching copyright.  A few weeks ago they managed to heavily attack and bring down a perfectly legitimate BitTorrent tracker and the business that surrounded it.
Their attack on Revision3 left their content delivery network, RSS server, public facing site and even their internal email system unavailable for a long weekend.  All because Revision3 were using BitTorrent to share their own HD video files, that they own the copyright to, with their users.

Read Revision3's statement.

MediaDefender seem to be on someone's payroll and using illegal activities to profit.  DOS attacks are considered cybercrime, yet they seem to consider it a legitimate business practice that they can make money out of.  Worse, the record industry seems to agree and are paying them to do this.  If the RIAA wants to stop file sharing, they are not making any friends by using companies like this, for every site they shut down in this manor, 1,000 more will shoot them down for it.

If you do agree with MediaDefender's practices, that file sharing should be stopped at all costs, have a read of the above statement from Revision3 and see if your opinion is still the same.