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July 28, 2008

Cuil - Google beater?

The BBC News website had a report about a new search engine, Cuil (pronounced "cool"), created by ex-Googlers that claims to be better and more relvant than the big G. So I did some searches on it.  First I tried some of the keywords that I list highly on for Google and "no results found".  After trying a few and also variations on them I was getting nowhere and so just stuck my domain in. Have a look for yourself at the results.  That little logo next to my website has made me quite angry, I don't think I've ever even mentioned Scientology, let alone use a logo that alludes to any kind of "success" within it that I may have achieved. The natural thing in this case is to pop over to the FAQs and see if there is anything I can do about it.  Brilliant, a link to some webmaster tools.... that doesn't work and no other notice about contact. First impressions count for damn near everything, and I'm certainly not going to be using Cuil or recommending it to anyone.  In fact, so that Google can give it a good description, I'm going to link to it by saying, Cuil is misleading and useless. UPDATE: Looks like a lot of their links only work some of the times you go to them!  Maybe if I keep trying the webmaster one will work.

July 24, 2008

New Stuff

I've been making a lot of small and large changes around here, which hopefully someone will notice and appreciate other than me!  But then I only really have this site for me anyway so it doesn't matter...

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