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July 24, 2008

New Stuff

I've been making a lot of small and large changes around here, which hopefully someone will notice and appreciate other than me!  But then I only really have this site for me anyway so it doesn't matter...

As you can see the front page has changed loads all thanks to Yves Luther's ideas and MovableType's Action Streams.  There a plans in the works for more Facebook integration too, so that will be the next thing appearing here.  Hopefully I can make this site the culmination of all the various things I do on the net.

I have also re-instated the Flickr gallery module I made a while back as a test of the API.  It is already multi-user butI was thinking it might make a great MT plugin, you can host your photos at Flickr but display them on your blog!  Shouldn't be too much of a stretch to turn it into a plugin, the only difficulty may be the fact that it's all in ASP at the moment.  Best get the Perl books out then!