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October 22, 2008

Removing a Drive from a Spanned Volume

When I needed more space in my main PC, I went for the (then) cheaper option of 4x 250GB drives over one large one, and as I wanted to avoid problems with moving the disks I didn't use the motherboard's RAID features and instead went with Windows dynamic discs and a spanned volume.

Time moved on and I wanted some of the contents of that drive on my main PC and the rest on the media PC, but I had nowhere to store roughly 1TB of data whilst I re-arranged the disks.  After much research on the net everyone told me that it wasn't possible to remove a single drive from a Windows spanned volume.  That's never stopped me trying before and I am glad to say that I managed it!  Instructions after the jump.

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October 1, 2008

2008 Christmas list #0000001

Anyone out there trying to find the perfect Christmas present for me (surely you all are?) need look no further, as always, eBay has the answer.

Built for a TV special, this working Ballista weighs 12 tons and is about 7.5m high.  I'm sure for the extra £17.5k their asking to put it up, they can find a way to squeeze it into my garden.