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March 18, 2009

I've been a fool!

Made a classic, school-boy error last night...

Was moving a movabletype installation from 2 recently decommissioned dedicated servers to a cloud hosting environment and noticed that the wonderful people at the new place allow you IP access to the MySQL servers.  "Great" I though, I can use the MySQL migration toolkit, this will be a breeze.  So I restored the backup from the dedicated servers to an intermediary server (can you see where this is going yet?) and then proceeded with the transfer.
I didn't think to check if the database name from the backup was the same as one on the intermediary....

And so I lost everything!  Scoured all 4 PCs I use regularly for backups and found one from January (it's just a personal/dev server so I rarely back it up).  Luckily I'm not a prolific poster so putting back all the posts was easy but I've lost all your comments since then.  And I had to take the site down to stop any republishing overwriting what I have left.

Sorry about that!

Hoping to get back to normal (ish) soon, the biggest loss to me is the massive archive of action stream data I had built up, I use it as a personal link/video archive and also like to go over and see what other things I was doing on certain days, now it's all gone!