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April 2, 2009

YouTube lightbox

For a while now I have been toying with making my own JavaScript libraries built around the YUI libraries, as there were things out there I wanted but didn't seem to exist in a YUI flavour.

I since found that exactly what I wanted didn't seem to exist in any flavour (please correct me in the comments if I am wrong).

The two things I wanted straight away were image and video lighboxes.  Yeah, an image lightbox in YUI exists, but I want to just add a class name to a link and magically have the lightbox do all the work, and I wanted the same for youtube links.  I believe that making things as simple as possible for people, means they are more likely to use it.

So I went and made them.

New Host

After the balls up the other day, I've been rushing to get the site transferred over to a new host and sort out the templates, something I'd been putting off for a long time.

There's still lots to come but I've noticed some peaks in traffic and I also have a couple of articles/tips that I want to get out there.  So if you notice anything odd, please let me know, I'll be adding features back in over time.

As I love YUI so much, I've stuck it all over the place!  Layout is done with YUI Grids CSS, menu is YUI Menu and registered users can use the YUI Rich Text Editor for replies!

I'm hoping to stick all the facebook features in as well, without using jQuery.  I don't like libraries that break other libraries (another reason why YUI is great!) and the fact that neither jQuery nor MooTools can make their libraries play nice, turns me off the completely.