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February 21, 2011

Holy Smokes

So, yeah, I last updated this site in May 2009, whoops!

Coming back here because I've always wanted to get more stuff out but didn't want to alienate the people who came here just for the YUI stuff, but since that project has largely disappeared, I've probably alienated them all anyway.   If you're one of those people suddenly seeing this in your feed reader, sorry but that plugin probably isn't going anywhere further.  It's got it's own repository on Github, so fork away if you still feel it is a requirement for you.  It died largely through my own abandonment of YUI as an editor, then Six Apart's practical abandonment of Movable Type.
I've migrated the site over to Melody, which I was hoping would be a lot more simple that it was.  But then, when has any MovableType install been easy?

All this is beside the point; where is this site going?

Well, I'm going to be setting up a category on here for my latest project "Yet Another Minecraft Server" which has been keeping my busy these last few months and is nearing a point where I can let other people play with it.

Also, I want to have a few more rants and personal items up here; a lot has and does go on that I want to comment on, and what better place than here?

So if you were just here for MovableType or YUI stuff, sorry.  I will maintain their categories and re-instate the category specific fields when I have time, so you can ignore the rest of the guff if you like!

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