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April 21, 2011

Now Playing: Maybeshewill - Sing the Word Hope in Four Part Harmony

This sits firmly in the "post-rock" genre, instrumental and epic in places.  There's some excellent riffage in there without a spot of widdling, although some of the voiceovers can be pretentious, what else do you expect from an instrumental post-rock album?  They've got 2 full albums on Spotify and "Not for Want of Trying" is equally as good as this.  Track 4 is included below, I challenge you not to tap your foot or nod your head along to that one. Spotify Link | Last.Fm Link | Amazon Link

April 11, 2011

Now Playing: The Contortionist - Exoplanet

The Contortionist - Exoplanet album coverThis is exactly the kind of thing thing I love, described by Last.Fm as "Progressive Deathcore" (even though I have no idea what that actually means) it's loud but sweeping and beautiful in places.  Second track of the album is linked below but worth starting from the beginning if this is your thing. Spotify Link | Last.Fm link | Amazon Link [spotify:track:2lEHUMNjwQT60PgdTlCY2f]

April 7, 2011

Goin' through changes

If anyone is still paying attention here (and Google hits say there are still people coming here) then they may notice some changes going on. A lot of what most people would consider "useful" content is being moved to my work's blog, leaving this site as a more personal and "fun" blog.  All entries and pages relating to MovableType and YUI Editor are now over there and will be removed from here.  Don't worry, I'll 301 them all so if you are using the feeds or have bookmarked links you shouldn't have to worry.

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April 6, 2011

Jumping Ship

After years of evangelising MoveableType, I've found it less and less suitable for a simple personal blog, so I'm trying out the competition. I've used MT since v3, and still believe that MT5 is the best solution for my work's multi-blog site. However as MT4 development is drawing to a close I tried Melody, but sincemigrating my personal blog to Melody I've been beset with problems. The latest meant I couldn't access any templates, I just wanted to add Google Analytics code to this site, but an hour later I still hadn't managed it. As I said, I'm no MT newbie, and I was still blocked from doing this simple task.

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