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April 7, 2011

Goin' through changes

If anyone is still paying attention here (and Google hits say there are still people coming here) then they may notice some changes going on. A lot of what most people would consider "useful" content is being moved to my work's blog, leaving this site as a more personal and "fun" blog.  All entries and pages relating to MovableType and YUI Editor are now over there and will be removed from here.  Don't worry, I'll 301 them all so if you are using the feeds or have bookmarked links you shouldn't have to worry.
Once the move is complete I can justify putting more crap on this blog and also can dedicate a little more time to the side projects through work, as well as develop new projects like the Pingdom API and Rackspace Cloud API PHP bindings that will be released on there soon. There will still be boring code stuff on here, but it will most likely be just me working stuff out that other people managed to do years ago. Also, Minecraft :)