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April 6, 2011

Jumping Ship

After years of evangelising MoveableType, I've found it less and less suitable for a simple personal blog, so I'm trying out the competition. I've used MT since v3, and still believe that MT5 is the best solution for my work's multi-blog site. However as MT4 development is drawing to a close I tried Melody, but sincemigrating my personal blog to Melody I've been beset with problems. The latest meant I couldn't access any templates, I just wanted to add Google Analytics code to this site, but an hour later I still hadn't managed it. As I said, I'm no MT newbie, and I was still blocked from doing this simple task.
I still prefer MT's permalink structure, template tag system, static publishing method and security, which is why I will still recommend it for any business blog. For a personal blog you just need simple, and so far WordPress has been very simple. The fact that I've been able to write this post very easily from my phone rather proves my point.