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May 3, 2011

The music service I really want

Now that Spotify have completely ruined their free offering I have been wondering how to fill the void.  I could always upgrade to premium, right?  Well, no;  I don't want to spend £10 a month on a service where albums dissappear and metadata is wildly incorrect with no way to report or correct it.  I'd rather spend £10 a month on real CDs, but to do that with any discipline would require quite some effort and financial tracking, so I want someone else to do it for me. This is something I wish Amazon, Play (who don't even seem to have wishlists) or any of the large music sellers would do and surely can't be too much of a stretch from how they already operate. Combine the principals of subscription services, wishlists and actual real CDs in the post.  It works something like this:
  • Subscriber pays whatever they want a month (say £5)
  • They make a list of all the CDs they want, in priority order, a bit like wishlists and LoveFilm combined.
  • When the balance on their account reaches enough to purchase the top CD on their list, it's shipped out and removed from the list.
With something as simple as that we can all be buying tonnes of CDs a year, increasing our music collections, keeping CD production alive and pumping vast reserves of cash into the poor hard done by record companies.