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November 19, 2013

Screenshot: "Still alive apparently"

November 10, 2013

Screenshot: "she talks like this too"


November 5, 2013

Upvoted: Disaster Recovery plans for sudden out of business cloud providers


I am tasked with preparing documentation for what to do should any of our cloud providers suddenly go out of business and not give us access to our data. Our providers are Microsoft, Rackspace and Amazon, so it's not going to happen. Still, I have to do it.

Does anyone have any contingencies for this? Especially Office 365. As far as I can tell, O365 offers no way for you to maintain a local copy/backup of mailboxes. Is copying cached Outlook copies to PSTs the only real way of getting your mail back?

If AWS suddenly shut down, surely it's going to swamp every other provider with new, panicked customers and unable to serve the demand.

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