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October 11, 2014

Upvoted: I captured a titan! Now wtf do I do with it? [via /r/dwarffortress]

On my second fortress and my second ever megabeast attack. I had forewarning he was coming as I had a Minotaur show up and the game promptly crashed, so I reloaded and prepared.

I had this little area dug out with the intention of it becoming a new sealable entrance with trading post so I can let traders out without endangering the rest of my fort. with the warning I had coming, there was enough time to chain a cow up in there.

will it eventually starve to death or do I need to set up a shooting gallery for my marksdwarves? there's open ground above, so presumably I'll need to wall in my shooting range? can I cage it somehow or even train it? will its presence upset my dwarves? if it shoots webs, can it shoot them upwards or will fortifications protect my dwarves from it?

or do I just keep it locked away until the next siege, let him out to slaughter the goblins then repeat the capturing process?

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