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October 24, 2014

Upvoted: More and more crashes to desktop. Any way to report or provide useful debug info? [via /r/dwarffortress]

There's no obvious pattern so far (apart from 50% of Minotaur invasions have caused a crash) so I'm not confident filling a standard bug report without some kind of memory dump. Crashes aren't really repeatable so again I can't provide the right details.

Would be happy to run a debug build and send information on but don't know if one is available or if that's even useful to Toady.

My fort's getting pretty big (is a metropolis and have reached the criteria for a county but not had enough liaison visits for it to happen yet) and I've got a shed load of items to be tracked so it's a challenging world for the game to run, but low FPS is much more manageable than random crashes (quicksave is my new best friend)...

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