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December 5, 2012

Posting to MovableType from ifttt

I use quite a lot to aggregate all the various things I like on the web onto the /elsewhere/ blog but ifttt doesn't natively support MovableType even though it does support Wordpress.  I have contacted them in the past as adding MT compatibility should be trivial, but have so far had no response.  To manage the aggregation, I have been using the PostOffice plugin, but it's messy and has very little control over what gets posted, as either ifttt or gmail are stripping most of the HTML from the email.

So today I made a bridge that will allow anything that insists on WP implementation of xmlrpc to talk to MovableType.  It's a fairly simple solution, merely inserting the blogid and passing everything else on as is.  It works for posting to MovableType, I have yet to test reading posts, but it should be easy enough to tweak if needed.  Code after the jump....

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April 19, 2012

Steam screenshots as RSS

Update: Scripts updated to work with the new Steam community pages, now requires ganon if you want to host your own copy.

Simply replace #username# with your steam community id

This is a script that reads your screenshots from your Steam profile and puts them into an RSS feed. You can then use this with all sorts of applications to feed that data elsewhere. E.g. you can use to easily auto-post to your tumblr blog, Flickr photo stream or Facebook photos.

Source code is after the jump if you want to put on your own hosting, which is probably a good idea if you want to rely on this working all the time.

It's a bit "hacky" so if any better PHP developers have better ways of doing the same thing, would appreciate any tips.

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